Check your email newsletter for spam words

It’s not in vogue anymore to look for specific words that might be considered spammy.

Email filtering software is too opaque and with all the AI and so-called “AI” floating around, doesn’t it know better than to consider specific terms as being spammy?

Even if that’s true, you can bet there are still terms out there that will get your email stuck in some spam filters.

There isn’t just one spam filter out there; there are multiple companies, each with their own secret sauce. With some recipients, their email might go through two or three different spam filters before finally making it to the inbox. Not checking your email for spam phrases is making a bet that none of the spam filters used by any of your recipients rely on good old-fashioned lists of spam terms anymore.

Check your email for spammy terms

You’re in luck; we couldn’t find anything like this online, so we made our own tool to check email content for spammy words.

We recommend using this with tools like for best results. This quick, simple list doesn’t check anything except the text you copy and paste into it. No alt text checks, no link checks, no list-unsubscribe checks.